Thursday, December 2, 2010

Qatar win the 2022 Bid

When the Charmain of FIFA announce the winner of the bidding for 2022. The world is shock by the decision because first time in history that one of the small country like Qatar win the bidding "This is History". Thank you for the choosing Qatar because I'm here now working in advertising I know it is a big help for us because we are in the field of Advertising. Many of my friends are very much happy for the NEWS and they are now celebrating like my friends in ILOVEQATAR, QatarLiving,BBQ and many more especially my Qatari Friends here. The Al Jazeera Printing Press and Al Jazeera Printing Press Digital are one of the supplier arrange the submitted file for 2022 bidding when the FIFA official visit here in Qatar and we are proud of that we are one of the Printer choosen by Qatar Football Commitee. 

How Qatar win the Bidding watch here:

For those miss the announcement of Bidding you can watch here:

Congrats to all Qatari People Specially who support Qatar 2022